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The image of the princess with the passage of time has undergone some changes. Yes, girls and still dream of becoming a princess, but that's not the character to which they sought earlier. Remember the old tales of princesses. Take, for example, Cinderella. She lived in his own castle as a servant, she was constantly tormented her stepmother and stepsisters, and she just put up all the bullying and waited for a miracle. With Snow White is the same story, but it also kicked out of the house in the woods, where she had to live with the dwarves. These princesses were the personification of kindness and humility. They are quietly waiting for their Prince Charming, who will take them, and if did not live in a fairy tale, it is unlikely that he would have waited until his death. Today's girls are well aware of and are not going to be expected to obey their fate. Modern storytellers multipliers take into account the developments of modern times and here came to light new princess. The first sign was Jasmine. Its autonomy and independence are more attractive to today's girls than blankly obedience previous princesses demure. And, perhaps, the most modern princess who bears little resemblance to its predecessors, has become a new heroine - Rapunzel. Princess remained pretty and feminine - its luxurious long tresses are impressive, but at the same time acquired a tough character, ability to have his own. This fragile girl can kick back and not afraid to soak your feet. At the same time it is good and noble heart, like a true princess in blue blood. All these features allow creators to enter the game in the games for girls Rapunzel as the main character. And they are not wrong, because statistics show that Rapunzel games are popular not only girls but also boys. Rapunzel and other characters from the popular Disney cartoon organically fit in almost all gaming genres: arcade, hidden object, dress up quests. Type in the search Rapunzel game play and you will be surprised huge number of outstanding results. In this case, apart from the bulk of games released immediately after the cartoon picture, there are countless small online games Rapunzel, in which you can play for free without downloading them to your computer. This bright surround the character does not let you get bored, because all the games with the participation of its dynamic, attractive and diverse. The new princess has become more like a normal modern girl and dreams of many girls have become quite real, it turns out, you only need to want it very much.

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